Asian Wedding Favors

Asia is a vast continent with many different cultures and traditions and over the last century these have made their way and been incorporated into the western world. If you were to ask a random person on the street to name something that is associated with Asia then silk would be high on the list of answers.

So with this in mind why not provide silk fans for your wedding guests. These are not as expensive as you might think and when it comes to buying them in bulk for the purpose of wedding favors then they are actually an inexpensive way of thanking your friends and family for attending your wedding. Another material that is forever linked with the world’s largest continent is bamboo. So bamboo trinket boxes or bamboo made coasters can all be used as successful Asian Wedding Favors. As can personalized and custom made fortune cookies that are not only Asian but fun for your guests as well.

And to have a truly Asian Wedding Favors then a set of personalized chopsticks for every guest is a surefire way to complement your Asian themed wedding. The only difficult part will be trying to use them!

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