Bridal Shower Favors

To many wedding favors are specifically for the actual wedding however in recent times the tradition has been extended to include the bridal shower as well and bridal shower favors are now growing in popularity. However what do you get as a bridal shower favor? Is there a significant difference between a bridal shower favor and a wedding favor?

The main difference between the two is that a bridal shower is exclusively female; therefore the bridal shower favors can be much more ‘girly’ and female orientated that the actual wedding favors. For example for a bit of originality why not supply your bridal shower friends with bath leaf petals that they can use to have a relaxing soak after all the excitement and hysteria of the bridal shower? Alternatively other items such as little compact mirrors would be welcomed as a good bridal shower favor as it isn’t something you can really supply at the wedding itself with so many men in attendance. Furthermore a personal grooming set is another relatively inexpensive favor that is suitable for the all girl pre-wedding gathering.

Now that bridal shower favors are becoming much more popular it is easy to find gifts that are specifically designed for this occasion and its exclusively female guests.