Cheap Discount Wedding Favors

Planning a wedding is a enormously stressful experience for all parties involved. Who to invite? What to wear? The cake. Seating arrangements. The list really does seem endless when it comes to planning your big day. Not only this but it can be extremely expensive to pay for a wedding. Beautiful dresses and hiring the venue do not come cheaply so then why should the wedding favors be an extra expense?

The good news is that wedding favors need not be pricey; you can find many attractive, stylish and useful cheap wedding favors at a discount. For example, a personalized tin of mints can be as little as 99 cents. A practical little favor that is also cheap. If you want to be a little more unique then exceptional favors need not break the bank; you can find items such as chess piece candles at a discount price and much cheaper than many other, more conventional, favors. Indeed even something as simple as a personalized shot glass can come in at under a dollar to prove a cheap discounted wedding favor for your guests.

Your family and friends are there to enjoy your big day and no doubt you will want to reward their attendance and help however there is no need to go overboard – cheap wedding favors are everywhere if you look hard enough.