Edible Wedding Favors

Instead of buying a wedding favor such as a candle or a photograph frame that might not be to everybody’s liking and may be left on the table at the end of the night, why not go for something edible? Edible wedding favors are just as eloquent and popular and will be guaranteed to be either consumed at the wedding or taken home afterwards.

They need not be extravagant either. Personalized fortune cookies are not only delicious and provide a nice after dinner sweet – they are also fun. Your guests will be kept entertained with the fortunes that are revealed inside. However if you want to go for something a bit more long lasting then what about a small box of tea or coffee. Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and with your guests names on the front to remind them of their attendance at your wedding it will be a great start to the day.

For the practical option then a small box of mints will no doubt come in useful to some of the guests at your wedding who don’t fancy their breath smelling of alcohol after enjoying themselves too much!

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