Fall Wedding Favors

The leaves are turning brown and falling off; the air is getting that little bit crisper and the nights are not so bright. Fall is coming and with this backdrop it is one of the most popular seasons in which to have a wedding. But what makes a good Fall Wedding Favor?

Remember that fall is all about making that transition from the warm summer to the bitterly cold winter; so it will much cooler. Hence why wedding favors such as coffee are a great idea for a Fall Wedding Favor as it is bound to be appreciated on those cold autumn mornings. Indeed, personalizing the packet with a individual message of thanks is and added way to make that Fall Wedding Favor even more special.

Remember what any Fall Wedding Favor should be color coordinated with the season; that means browns, oranges and reds are all great colors. While the fall is often a time that people reminisce back to the summer and long for those long summer evenings a fall wedding favor should be about embracing the new season and preparing yourself for winter; so try and find a half-way house between the sun and sand theme of summer and the cold and snowy theme of winter.

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