Practical Wedding Favors

A wedding is a beautiful occasion and most brides and grooms want things to be stylish, attractive and fashionable. This includes the wedding favors. However many of your guests will perhaps enjoy a favor that is more practical in nature. Rather than buying favors that are stylish but of little use, why not opt for something that the recipients will be able to get some use out of?

Practical wedding favors such as personalized pens, trendy salt and pepper shakers, candy jars, coasters, bottle stoppers or playing cards are all examples of how you can make your wedding favors not only smart but practical. There are many options to choose from and just because you decide on something that is useful rather than an item that is designed to be purely decorative does not lessen its value or importance; indeed, in some cases, it can actually heighten its meaning to the recipient.

Style is important especially when it comes to weddings. You do not want things to clash or stand out too much however buying your guests some practical wedding favors that they can use every day will go a long way to showing your appreciation.