Themed Wedding Favors

A growing number of couples are opting for ‘themed’ weddings; breaking from the traditional and conventional approach. Not only does this mean that the importance of matching the bride and grooms attire and the cake of even more significance it also means that the wedding favors will have to match the theme.

Say you opt for a beach theme wedding then a set of sea themed coasters with your picture on the front is a surefire way to prove a practical but also memorable wedding favor to your guests. Or if your wedding is set around Christmas time with a distinctly festive theme then a snowflake key ring or place card holder is useful but also keeping in theme with your wedding. Perhaps you have decided on a Fairytale wedding like you dreamed of when you were younger? Then how about a Cinderella slipper candle holder as a themed wedding favor? Most people decorate their fireplaces or mantelpieces with candles so remind them of how they attended your dream wedding with an item straight from a fairytale.

If you are lucky enough to be able to have your wedding centered around a particular theme then make sure that the wedding favors reflect this as a out of place wedding favor could tarnish people’s memories of your special day.