Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding favors generally match the theme of the wedding – be it a Beach wedding, a Fairytale wedding or a Christmas wedding. However why follow the trend? Why not give something that is unique and distinctive?

For example wedding favors such as personalized hand sanitizers that bear both your names on the front to remind the guests of your beautiful day. Or silk fans that, not only display the name of the guests but that are also practical and useful – especially if your wedding is in an exotic location or in the middle of summer! Perhaps a perfect example of a unique wedding favor is a persoalized disposable camera that will be suitable for all weddings – both themed and traditional – and allow your guests who haven’t brought a camera to take pictures of your amazing day.

Personalized and unique wedding favors can be quite pricey sometimes so even opting for a personalized box of matches with the unique name of the guest(s) on each box is an inexpensive alternative that is not only thoughtful but also handy and useful for who isn’t in need of a match from time to time?

Instead of choosing ‘traditional’ wedding favors a unique wedding favor will make that special day even more memorable to those in attendance.