Wholesale Wedding Favors

Weddings are expensive. There is no getting around this fact. Of course you can make some savings here and there but your average wedding is not going to come cheap. This is why your wedding favors should not impose on your bank balance. Of course you will want to give something back for all the help and support your family and friends provided you with over the planning of your wedding and you will also want to thank those who have made the effort to come – but that does not mean you need to splash out needlessly on individual wedding favors.

Indeed the best way to make a saving when it comes to buying wedding favors is to purchase them wholesale. Wholesale wedding favors are advisable. Why? Because buying items in bulk means that they will work out cheaper per item. If you can find some universal favor that will go down well across the board – a box of mints, shot glasses, coasters, even little packets of coffee – then you can buy them in bulk which means you can save mega bucks.

Wedding favors are your way of saying thanks to your guests – they should be small but attractive gifts, not large presents that will empty your bank account; that is why buying wholesale is the way to go.

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